Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now I lay me down to sleep....

I pray the lord my soul to keep.
And a nice warm and soft bed to sleep in.
Tucked up between my mummy and my daddy.
I will never know what it is like to sleep outside, or in a laundry.
I will never feel the cold wind on my fur, or have to be wet and damp
and have only a tattered rug to sleep on, or worse.
I pray for all the little doggies that have to live this way.
May they too find a home to be warm and loved.
Yep I am sure one very lucky little doggy.
Please find it in your heart to adopt a little mate and save him or her from a fate worse than death, you will be forever loved in return, every single day of our lives we only want to be near you and to love you.
I am posting this tonight for mum, she is busy getting her new shop ready, won't she be surprised to see what I have done woof woof...:)

Good night
And Happy Pink Saturday to ya all.

Hymie (And mum Debra) She is the light of my life, I love her with all my heart.

I say my prayers..each and every night.
I wait for you to come to bed...

I got sick of waiting, so I will keep the bed warm for you.

Sweet Dreams

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'll give you a daisy a day dear

Just thought I would share these gorgeous daisys I picked today while grocery shopping, they were growing next to where I parked my car, so I picked a few, not even thinking that they might not survive the trip home. It is starting to get hot here in Australia, anyway as it turned out I had to go to the chemist for a script, so while there I noticed they have one of those free drinking water bottles that you help yourself to, so I helped myself to a drink and took another cup full to the car for my daisys.

It also makes for a beautiful vase, dont you think. lol.

Have a happy daisy a day dear.

I have no idea how to spell the plural of daisy, is it daisys or is it daysies. Yikes I am usually so good at these things.

Cheers Debra.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My art/craft room studio

Yay, my new craft room is nearly done. I have finished the painting. And am now ready to start making the frames for my cubes, that will hold those red and black tubs you see sitting on the foor. Plus an array of other shelves desks, work stations etc.
I am still deciding if the computer will go up here or not, I can always just bring up the lap top, so I can still blogg away lol.

I have to accomodate a sewing machine and very large fabric stash (see an earlier post) a scrapbook/cardmaking area, a painting and drawing place, and also a bead/jewellery and polymer clay station, including somewhere for my boys toys, (bandsaw, scroll saw, electric drill, jigsaw, sander and many other wood working items) and my dolls houses lol, I really need to plan this out right, or it won't work.

The room is a reasonable size 10 feet by 14 feet, so I do have some room to play with. I know many people have to share the bedrooms, dining rooms, under stairs or just a cupboard etc for their crafting area, so I am very lucky to have a whole room I know.

I have been trawling the internet the past few weeks for ideas, and have come up with some really nice ones. Especially the colour scheme I have picked.
I must email the lady in question and see if it is ok to mention her here. I had no intentions of copying anyone, it just happened.

You see I had already painted the room yellow. and I bought the rust red for the floor (floor is crappy chipboard) then I came across it, this gorgeous room in yellow and would you believe it rust red. OH my instantly I fell in love with the colours, and seeing as I had the rust red, well the rest is history lol.

I am very happy with it, it is big change from pink and white and green, but my shop downstairs will be in all those colours, so I will still have my shabby fix lol.

If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful for your help and suggestions b4 I start cutting and nailing.

I have been buying lots of storage containers etc ready to stack into my cubes and shelves, so I will have plenty of storage, it is the little nooks I need to create around the room for my different activities, Oh why do I do so much lol, couldnt I just stick to sewing or painting lol.

I am thinking I will build a large table on wheels for the centre of the room, with storage on each end, just the right height to be able to stand and do my work, also I will be able to bolt the bandsaw and scrollsaw to this table. (this must be done for saftey)

So I am thinking shelves and work spaces all around the walls, and the large table in the centre.

I also have a double door built in cupboard in the room, but I was thinking this could be utilised for my stamp collection and many thousands of stamps I have collected, (Yes another hobby) and my stamp reference books etc. I could put a small table and a light in there and when I want to work on my stamp collection I can just open the doors and I am good to go.

So many ideas, so much to do so many craft items to store, so little time lol.

Oh well it could be worse, I could have no where to go play, I am so lucky yes I should be so lucky lucky lol, sorry Kylie just popped into my head being an aussie and all.

Ok Thats it for now, I'm off to start measuring walls and storage containers.

Cheers Debra.

Here are a few pics of the finished room, well so far anyways lol. You did ask for updates, if you have not seen the before pics just scroll back a few entries.

These curtains are not staying. Or the heater, it belongs in the pretty room.

The red chair, is really old, it can stay.

Storage tubs for the cubes, and a large round cardboard box, painted rust.

Black cats for good luck, I don't have any real ones ATM :( I love cats.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Its pink Saturday again

Happy pink Saturday everyone, again I am still busy finishing my craft room, so I am cheating in a way, and snagging some pics off my computer of things I have made from polymer clay, These items I have made and sold in the past year. Some are not pink, but hey isnt everything in our world pink lol, just put on your rose coloured glasses and it will all be pink lol.

Hope you like them.

Cheers Debra.

Anyone for valentines day cakes. The hearts are actually sugar candy from the cake decorating isle, bought in a container of thousands, and are about 2mm in size lol

They are for dollshouses, with little calories in them lol.
Not pink, but they are the size of a dime I spose, or a 10c piece.
Ready for a party.....I wish I had something for size reference, but they are about 1 inch across, if that.
Sitting on a dollshouse table, the table is about5 inches across, oh they look so yummy.

Anyone for a pot of orange tea, strawberry maybe, oh you want apple okies lol.

All made from polymer clay, and about 5mm in size.

How did that pic get in here, lol, my beautiful granson Luke......

Happy PINK saturday again.....:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I must wear plaid and garbadeine NOT

I was going through some pics yesterday, I found this one, yikes. I look like I stepped out of a horror movie lol, I spose I thought I looked good at the time.

Time....about 6 months ago

Place....Friends 50 th Birthday.

The other pic is when I first got my glasses, (About 18 months ago) so I thought I would dye my hair red, yikes, a bit different lol, I have now gond back to blonde lol.

Its mine in another 7 months, so I spose I'm not doiong so bad for and ole chickie hey. It could be worse lol.

I was reflecting back, who said when you get to a certain age you must dress a certain way. I remember my mum dressing like a very old woman when she was only about 40 but that was the 60s, back then woman were made to feel old very early on. Once you were a married woman with children you tended to forget about fashions and looking super good, after all your job was done, you had snagged your hubby had your children, made your home etc. You had no need to look good hey.

How wrong did they get it. Apart from the obligatory trackie and slippers in the mornings I could no more wear old fogie clothes than swim in the lake in winter.

I like to be able to wear the latest fashions if I want to, pull on a pair of skinny jeans and bubble top if Iwant to, not that I want to do the latter very often lol.

But I do enjoy and pair of jeans and a white top, or a litle sundress if it is very hot.

I guess I am lucky I have been relatively thin all my life, I did have a patch there after my child was born where I put on a lot of weight, so I know what it is like to be over weight, its not nice.

Anyway I thought I would dig out some pics of me when I was a child, some of the creations my cousin made for me were nothing short of hip and mod, well it was the 70s after all, you know cycadelic 70s lol, (Well some of you will) oh how I loved the 70s, but I think I will leave that for another post lol.

Cheers Debra.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not quite pink

Happy Pink Saturday.

Ok so my pics today are not really pink, they could be lol, depends on how you perceive the colour of the walls on my new craft room. I had painted it all yellow, then I came across a wonderful webpage with the red colour as well, I said to my self, self: you have that colour why not go way out of your comfort zone and paint a couple of walls red.

Now I have to tell you I am not really a red person. But I seemed to like this idea, so a new colour scheme was born.

I have black and red storage boxes (sitting on the floor) and am going to make cubes from mdf, these will be painted black and red and the storage boxes will slide right on into them, well thats the plan anyways lol.

The window will be white and the blinds will be in the bin. I am making yellow curtains (I think) that could change, Blinds would be good. But so would an unlimited bank account.

So I must do what I can with limited funds and two hands, and a lot of hard work.

Now bloggers, this is why I have not beed around lately, every spare moment has been spent walking up 13 steps, yes the room is upstairs, oh lordy me, oh well excersise I spose with out really trying. The computer is so going up there too pmsl.

Anyways this is my contribution to pink Saturday, like it or lump it, rofl.

Have a great day.

Cheers Debra.

Edit Bit....

I couldnt leave out my best friend could I, he is with me everywhere I go, even he got sick of walking up and down the stairs lol, so in the end he just stayed on my puter chair till I came and sat down again, he knew I would be back sooner of later.

Oh and my rough drawn plans for my cube station, to hold the tubs, to hold my STUFF, well that is the general idea, if it all comes together lol. (Have faith woman, have faith) I intend to make them all different sizes, for various items.