Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'll give you a daisy a day dear

Just thought I would share these gorgeous daisys I picked today while grocery shopping, they were growing next to where I parked my car, so I picked a few, not even thinking that they might not survive the trip home. It is starting to get hot here in Australia, anyway as it turned out I had to go to the chemist for a script, so while there I noticed they have one of those free drinking water bottles that you help yourself to, so I helped myself to a drink and took another cup full to the car for my daisys.

It also makes for a beautiful vase, dont you think. lol.

Have a happy daisy a day dear.

I have no idea how to spell the plural of daisy, is it daisys or is it daysies. Yikes I am usually so good at these things.

Cheers Debra.



You are so gorgeous, i would have stopped and picked them too! They look very pretty in their very 'unique' vase! LOL.

Oh umm i think it's 'daisies' isnt it...??

Have a very happy and daisy filled weekend sweetie!

Luv Shann xx

Katie said...

Yup I agree, it's daisies! Such a pretty post, oh my that china is gorgeous!