Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My art/craft room studio

Yay, my new craft room is nearly done. I have finished the painting. And am now ready to start making the frames for my cubes, that will hold those red and black tubs you see sitting on the foor. Plus an array of other shelves desks, work stations etc.
I am still deciding if the computer will go up here or not, I can always just bring up the lap top, so I can still blogg away lol.

I have to accomodate a sewing machine and very large fabric stash (see an earlier post) a scrapbook/cardmaking area, a painting and drawing place, and also a bead/jewellery and polymer clay station, including somewhere for my boys toys, (bandsaw, scroll saw, electric drill, jigsaw, sander and many other wood working items) and my dolls houses lol, I really need to plan this out right, or it won't work.

The room is a reasonable size 10 feet by 14 feet, so I do have some room to play with. I know many people have to share the bedrooms, dining rooms, under stairs or just a cupboard etc for their crafting area, so I am very lucky to have a whole room I know.

I have been trawling the internet the past few weeks for ideas, and have come up with some really nice ones. Especially the colour scheme I have picked.
I must email the lady in question and see if it is ok to mention her here. I had no intentions of copying anyone, it just happened.

You see I had already painted the room yellow. and I bought the rust red for the floor (floor is crappy chipboard) then I came across it, this gorgeous room in yellow and would you believe it rust red. OH my instantly I fell in love with the colours, and seeing as I had the rust red, well the rest is history lol.

I am very happy with it, it is big change from pink and white and green, but my shop downstairs will be in all those colours, so I will still have my shabby fix lol.

If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful for your help and suggestions b4 I start cutting and nailing.

I have been buying lots of storage containers etc ready to stack into my cubes and shelves, so I will have plenty of storage, it is the little nooks I need to create around the room for my different activities, Oh why do I do so much lol, couldnt I just stick to sewing or painting lol.

I am thinking I will build a large table on wheels for the centre of the room, with storage on each end, just the right height to be able to stand and do my work, also I will be able to bolt the bandsaw and scrollsaw to this table. (this must be done for saftey)

So I am thinking shelves and work spaces all around the walls, and the large table in the centre.

I also have a double door built in cupboard in the room, but I was thinking this could be utilised for my stamp collection and many thousands of stamps I have collected, (Yes another hobby) and my stamp reference books etc. I could put a small table and a light in there and when I want to work on my stamp collection I can just open the doors and I am good to go.

So many ideas, so much to do so many craft items to store, so little time lol.

Oh well it could be worse, I could have no where to go play, I am so lucky yes I should be so lucky lucky lol, sorry Kylie just popped into my head being an aussie and all.

Ok Thats it for now, I'm off to start measuring walls and storage containers.

Cheers Debra.

Here are a few pics of the finished room, well so far anyways lol. You did ask for updates, if you have not seen the before pics just scroll back a few entries.

These curtains are not staying. Or the heater, it belongs in the pretty room.

The red chair, is really old, it can stay.

Storage tubs for the cubes, and a large round cardboard box, painted rust.

Black cats for good luck, I don't have any real ones ATM :( I love cats.


KimR said...

We just painted my craft room today. I had always wanted more of a buttercream, but the samples all seemed too washed out in the lighting. So we went with BM Hawthorne yellow. Now I am thinking it is too yellow! Granted, none of the furniture i sin here--so all of the walls are exposed. Anyway, what color/brand yellow paint did you use?

Debra said...

Oh my goodness Kim, I dont know the brand or the colour, as it was a mistake tin, you know the tins the paint shop mix up and they are the wrong colour for the customer lol, then they put them out at a fraction on the price. Plus I added some more yellow tint to it as well, sorry I am not much help to you am I.
Cheers Debra.