Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not quite pink

Happy Pink Saturday.

Ok so my pics today are not really pink, they could be lol, depends on how you perceive the colour of the walls on my new craft room. I had painted it all yellow, then I came across a wonderful webpage with the red colour as well, I said to my self, self: you have that colour why not go way out of your comfort zone and paint a couple of walls red.

Now I have to tell you I am not really a red person. But I seemed to like this idea, so a new colour scheme was born.

I have black and red storage boxes (sitting on the floor) and am going to make cubes from mdf, these will be painted black and red and the storage boxes will slide right on into them, well thats the plan anyways lol.

The window will be white and the blinds will be in the bin. I am making yellow curtains (I think) that could change, Blinds would be good. But so would an unlimited bank account.

So I must do what I can with limited funds and two hands, and a lot of hard work.

Now bloggers, this is why I have not beed around lately, every spare moment has been spent walking up 13 steps, yes the room is upstairs, oh lordy me, oh well excersise I spose with out really trying. The computer is so going up there too pmsl.

Anyways this is my contribution to pink Saturday, like it or lump it, rofl.

Have a great day.

Cheers Debra.

Edit Bit....

I couldnt leave out my best friend could I, he is with me everywhere I go, even he got sick of walking up and down the stairs lol, so in the end he just stayed on my puter chair till I came and sat down again, he knew I would be back sooner of later.

Oh and my rough drawn plans for my cube station, to hold the tubs, to hold my STUFF, well that is the general idea, if it all comes together lol. (Have faith woman, have faith) I intend to make them all different sizes, for various items.


Smilingsal said...

You've done a great deal of work.

Please come visit for my Pink Saturday offering, and then click on the book in my sidebar for a book giveaway!

Melissa Wertz said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

jen said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Love the red walls!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Debra.

I think pink and red are related. ;-)

Virginia said...

Can wait to see the finish room.
So far,so good.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Debra,

Your craft room looks lovely with the red and yellow walls. Can't wait to see it when it's all finished.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Tricia said...

Happy Pink 'Saturday. Love your doggy in the puter chair.

Patricia said...

I really like your color combinations - I hope you post a finished version. Happy Pink Saturday. Have a great new week.

Stephanie said...

All that bright color will surely be inspiring. Love how you wore out the "blogging staff"....NAPTIME!!

Happy Pink Saturday!


KatCollects said...

You made me tired just reading your post : ) I think you should be surrounded with whatever color makes YOU happy : ) And your dog is adorable.
Hope your weekend is a great one.