Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Saturday

Happy pink Saturday.

I have been really busy sewing and getting my large craft room ready to open my shop, more about that later.

So I am posting more pics of my gorgeous quilt for ya all.

Hope ya understand lol, I will fill ya in on the shop details and plans in another blog.

Cheers and Happy Pink Saturday.



KatCollects said...

The quilt is beautiful. Hope your Saturday was a happy one!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What a beautiful quilt and darling blog! Great Pink Saturday post!


Margie said...

I love your quilt! I have been wanting to make one like it, but can't find instructions! :( one of these days I'll get one made. Yours really is lovely, your choice of fabric is just fabulous!

Margie :)

paintingitrosie said...

Debbie. I love this quilt and I am sorry that I just now got back to you, Thanks for the sweet comments on my little rocking chair. I hate to admit it but all of this blogging stuff is confusing and I could not figure out how to answer you!!! hahahahaha.