Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have a serious addiction........

To fabric, I can't help myself.

Todays finds at the op shop (thrift store, for my US friends) some little boxes to paint, a wooden salt and pepper shaker, they will look great shabbied up with some roses on them. A picture frame and a vintage book holder, I had a couple of those in the 70s lol.

Hidden on the bottom of the shelf was the most vintage retro packet of lavender bath tea bags, lol, yes tea bags, I dont think I will use them though, I'm thinking lavender satchets made from the vintage fabric.

But doesn't the picture of the envelope they came in look divine, I have put it on the side bar too, I love it, so retro.

And of course fabric, and more fabric, there is about 4 meters of green vintage cotton, and a meter of pink, and two meters of green and yellow vintage stripe.

Also the most scrumptuous round cushion topper. It is very heavy fabric with tufted felt, and a couple of vintage pillow cases, they should come up ok soaked in bleach over night.

All up not a bad days bargain hunting I would say. Yes I am very pleased with my booty. And all of it only cost me $14.

I also got some new fabric yesterday at a local fabric store on special and it was calling my name so I couldnt pass it by lol.

All gorgeous rose fabrics that will be just yummy made into a quilt and some matching cushions.

Here's a peek.................

Isn't it just the most gorgeous fabric you have ever seen. Now to finish sorting out the fabric cupboard so I can start sewing lol.

Ok now I had better go start on tea for my boys, left over spaghetti with chips and salad tonight, and easy one.

Untill next time stay safe and warm just like my darling dog....:)

Hymie Dog

Cheers till next time Debra...:)

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