Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A square peg in a round hole

Well in this case it is 2 large bookcases full of fabric into one large bookcase. I must have thought that I would use all this fabric, I am sure I just buy it for something to do, you know, the old saying I will use it one day, I have so much fabric. I have Laura Ashley, Rachel Ashwell, Moda prints, and so many rose prints its beyond funny, heaps of white textures and many many silky fabrics., fluffies and animal prints. And as for the chenille, well I dont think I will even go there lol. As you can see by the pics below, this is pretty much my fabric stash.

Then there is a box full of my really good fabrics..............................YIKES

So here is the start I have made on this mammoth task....

It will be worth it after I have finished, I have to keep telling myself that lol, it has taken me 3 days to get this far lol, do you think I am just putting it off. (Te He) I really want to get to and sew some things, I have the sewing bug now after playing with my fabric stash. And to make matters worse, I had to buy some more sewing goodies on the weekend, where will it all end I say. But I couldnt resist, they were selling the edging for 25c a meter and the pins were reduced from $5 down to 50c, what good woman in their right mind could pass up a bargain like that I say, you tell me...

I intend to use this for cushion edging, after I get the fabric put away (I promise) lol.

Is it just in our makeup to keep buing more fabric or for that matter more stuff, when we know we already have quite enough stuff, it is a compulsive urge I can not do anything about. At least the MOTH (Man of the House) does not see when I bring it in and squirrell it away, thank goodness, he doesnt see any of it come into the house, I am sure he thinks it just all multiplies when we are asleep pmsl. Men are like that though arn't they, its like the new dress story, Oh I have had it for ages honey, or the, it was in another room dear and I just moved it today....lol.

God bless the poor MOTH what would we do without them, well actually (Tapping foot and scratching head) I could think of a few things lol. I am sure we all could at times.

I also want to get on with some furniture painting as well, but am waiting to get my tin of white paint, (Tommorrow I am told) I have quite a few items to shabby up. They will be going into my pretty room. Well untill I sell them that is lol. The room my fabric is in now is going to be turned into a shop, but that is another story.

Ok back to the fabric, and yes it is 1.30am again, never mind at least I can have a sleep in, yay for me.

Untill next time, stay safe and warm.


I have done it...:)

Well sort of I still need to fold them all again, but they are in there. Oh Happy days lol.

Cheers Debra

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