Saturday, August 23, 2008

A new home for my fabric stash

Why do I start to do things at midnight lol, after the boys have gone to bed, fed and watered lol. I am more relaxed, no interuptions, no phone calls, no errands I should be doing, just peace and quite, me and the wee small hours of the morning. Yep love it......:)

I am finally gathering up enough energy to move all my pretties into the pretty room. We have a very large house, and I have what I call a formal lounge room, we dont use this room at all, as we have two other living areas.
I have so many nice things all squirelled away into boxes, it so should be out where I can admire it, and appreciate the linens my mother had and all those gorgeous doilies and laces that she and her mother spent hours on way back before electricity, well not quite but nearly. Though my mother was born in 1917 and my dad in 1906 They were 40 and 50 respectivley when they adopted me as a one year old.
So I pretty much grew up with grandparents, I only just rememebr my grandparents, I do not know when they were born, but it would have been a long time ago, I am very lucky to have many items of linen etc that belonged to her, so it is very very old, and very very nice.
So I think I will put my fabric stash and my linens in the pretty room after all. Where they can be admired once again.

And as I am lucky enough to own a lovely old singer treddle sewing machine, (Thankyou to my mum) I figured it could live in the pretty room, so why not have my own fabrics here as well, they will look good as most of it............... well all of it is for the shabby look anyways.

I intend to paint it a very light slamon pink, that is the colour I already have in a tin, so I thought I might as well use it, I would prefer white, but it will be ok.
Here it is with some of the colour on it,
I think it will be ok, it is quite dark in the room at the moment too.

Most of my other pieces will be painted white, and chippied up.

About 10 years ago I would no more have had pink things in my house than flown to the moon, (well actually I wouldn't mind going to the moon) lol but that is for another entry lol.

Now I cant get enough of this shabby look, I hae pieces all over the house, and the yard lol, lots of items that belonged to my mum are now finding a new lease on life as shabby furniture.

I make my own shabby cushions and quilts, and can also paint shabby roses, not as good as some though. But I will get better at it.

This is a pic of some of my cushions and an unfinished quilt, I am using gorgeous Laura Ashley cottage Garden fabric for this one.

I am also painting lots of bit and pieces of furniture, a coffee table and a small shelf, I think it was an elcycolpaedia shelf in its former life lol.

You know buy this gorgeous shelf for a $1,000 and we will throw in this set of encyclopaedias He He.......Plus a set of steak knives, I think I still have the steak knives lol.

I had grand ideas of buying it for my baby son so he would go off to uni and be a doctor or a lawer, but that never eventuated, instead he is a well adjusted, bright, intelligent, funny, hard working young man with a son of his own now. What more could a mother ask for.....:)

I only had one child, so I never got to play with dolls and little girls things, or make frilly little dresses and the like, proly why I was never a pink person, now I cant get enough of the colour, even all my clothes have to be pink, YIKES....

What a shame this little darling will sit on the lounge now and look pretty........I do so love her though, I made the outfit for her, I love sewing little frilly things like this...............................

Isnt she soooooooooooooooooo pretty, I need a name for hher, any ideas.......:)

Well I am off to finish the first coat of paint on my large fabric shelves. I cantwait to be able to arrange my gorgeous fabrics on it. Pink in one no wait 5 shelves, green, white, lavender, blue, yellow, brown, red, ok ok ok so I have alot of fabric lol. I will only put the White, green, and pink fabric in ther , that will be all the room I have anyway, by the time I get those colours in there I will be wanting more shelves. Oh dear, at least I do have more shelves, then there is all my lace, oh my collection of lace lol, that is for a blog all of its own I feel, I have so much lace. I could never tell you about it all in 5 minutes, some of it is so old, I mean old, it is to die for. But next time ok.

Ok back to my painting, have a lovely evening all. Untill next time, stay safe and warm.


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