Sunday, August 24, 2008

My very own vintage market.

I have been searching my house today for treasures, yes my mother had so many treasures lol.

Well actually first of all I aked DH to get a couple of old cupboards down from the loft in the shed for me. I know they are old, as one was my dads, read last post, and the other one with the sliding doors (Above) sat in our garage for as long as I can remember. I have ideas of painting it white and chippy and putting chicken wire on the doors, if not chicken wire it will be fabric, I havn't decided yet, I will let it talk to me as I am painting it lol.

The Old cupboard with drawers (Not pictured) will be painted white and shabbied up, it has bakelite handles on the drawers, I am going to take those off, and put some more pretty ones on it, dont worry I will find another use for the bakelite handles, or if any one is interested in purchasing them from me, just contact me through my profile.
As I continued to search for things I kept finding items other than what I thought I would find, for intance have a lookie at these little beauties...................:)

What a treasure trove I uncovered on my whip around the house today, I wonder what other goodies mum has squirelled away, all to be found another day. Thankyou mum for leaving me with all these woderful memories. They will be treasured for many more years yet.

Oh and if you were wondering I finished painting that rather large cupboard that I intend to put my fabric stash in.

I am really pleased with the colour, I have no idea what it is lol, I really dont think it is pink after all, but it will be mostly covered with fabric anyhow.
Now to go start folding and sorting all my fabrics, oh my that is going to be a big job, did I hear it is going to rain tommorrow, ohhhhh a great job for a rainy day yesssssss I love rainy days.

Thanks for reading my ramblings lol, I would love to hear from you and if you have any comments or suggestions please do leave a comment or email me.

Cheers and have a safe and happy evening.

Debra XXXX:)

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