Sunday, September 21, 2008

The day the country came to town

Log September 22
Its now 3pm in the afternoon

I awoke from a granny power nap, to find it looking more like I had been transported to mars, it was an eerie brown out side all the windows, so with camera in hand I went out to investigate, not knowing If I were going to b e deported to some ailien martian lets see what your made from camp or what, so I took my little dog with me for protection (Of course) and on venturing out side I was greeted by dust, yes dust and more dust.

It seems every few years we are bestowed upon by the country, they seem to think we need some of their precious top soil for some reson or another, but I do however feel sorry for those poor souls who washed their cars yesterday, or the little girl I saw cleaning the windows at the local woolies supermarket pmsl.

Here are a few pics of what greeted me out the front and side of my house .

I assure you I have not doctored these pics in any way, this is the colour it was outside, it has somewhat cleared a little now as I type, but is very very widy, so I am sure the winds will blow it on to the next town along its path, dropping some it of its load as it goes. Yes it is bin night, if the wind dosnt blow the bin down the street for all to see my gargbage lol.
OK I think I will go save the bin from this fate, and go secure everything that is likely to blow around in the yard.
So it has jsut started to rain turning this dust into yep you guessed it (MUD)

Then the power went down for a few hours tonight, so I had to take a pic of me all set up with my laptop still connected to the internet, thanks to still keeping my dial up account, I knew that would come in handy one day lol. And one of my mums old kero lamps, the amount of light they throw out is amazing. And of course the wood fire burning, it was glorious while it lasted, now the power is back on. I am so tempted to turn off the lights again and stay the way I was. Oh the good ole days lol, I could have even gone and done some sewing as well. I use my mums trusty singer treddle machine. I sews better than my two electric ones I own.

Oh well now back to the mundane things of doing the dishes now I can see what I am doing lol, yuck.

Cheers Debra (Australia)

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