Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Miniature Furniture and a shabby cushion

I have been busy, my headache finally left me, so I got busy, I have a few dollshouses on the go at the moment, so while I wait for glue etc to dry, I shabbied up some furniture for one of my houses. It is just the same as doing real life size lol, but it dosnt take as long.

I have had this gorgeous Rachel Ashwell fabric for forever, and I had already tea stained it and the vintage chenille, I finally got around to making a cushion out of it last night. I am very pleased with the way it turned out, I diddnt tizzy it up with lace and ruffles, I was going to but decided against it, I wanted it to just be bold as it is. The back is brown cotton fabric.

Well that is it for today, I am off to pack my bag, I am going to have a small operation on my back on Friday, I cant rememebr what it is called, but they inject some sort of pain blocker into your spine, and hopefully it will alleiviate my pain. I have two discs that are stuffed in my lower back.
I spose it cant be any worse than the big horse tablets I have to take for it now lol. I have been this way for about 3 years, and have waited 12 months for this operation.
Due to my back problems I am unable to work outside the home any more, so if anyone is interested in buying this cushion or dollhouse furniture from me just send me an email and I will send you the purchase details, I will also put them into my shabby vintage blogshop as well, I dont have much in there yet, but I am working on it. I hope to have shabby items, and dollhouse furnture and miniatures, all hand crafted by me.
Ok happy bloggers have a lovely evening and I will talk to you when I get back from my operation.
Cheers Debra.

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Dawn said...

Good luck with your operation. I hope it goes well. You will be in my thoughts.

The furniture looks very nice. :)

take care,