Friday, September 19, 2008

The first flowers for

The season, I love these freesias, they smell divine, if you have them in your garden you will know what I mean. I cant leave them in the garden I have to pick them and bring them inside, I adore the smell wafting through the house, though hubby will come home and say, what is that infernal spray you have gone and bought now lol.
He does not hold the same affinity with cut flowers that I do. That could be why I never seem to get flowers for any occasions lol, Hmmmmmmmmmm might have to work on that, come to think of it, I dont get flowers or chocolates or anything for any occasion. :(

Any way on a lighter note the weather is warming up, I think this will be the first night since the start of winter that I wont have to light the wood fire. I have bought in the kindling etc incase it cools down, but I am hopeful I wont need it.

Also my quilt is coming along nicely, I have got three strips of squares sewn up, and I am very pleased with it so far. ( I had to take a pic of the progress) I cant help myself ROFL.

Let me know what you think of the table cloth pink green and white fabric I have mixed in with it (the table cloth fabric I call it lol), it is so hard to find a nice green to go with my beautiful roses fabrics, but I think this works. Too bad cause it is all cut and sewn up now lol.

Oh my the smell is wafting out to me now at the computer, it really is a strong fragrance isnt it. Its making me feel more like spring has finally arrived.
Ok back to sewing up my quilt.
Cheers till next time.

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